Advances in technology and equipment have made it even easier to restore your car to its’ original, like-new condition or to improve the value of your home in fast, energy efficient ways. While technology plays a large part in services you still need trained and experienced technicians to make sure that the job gets done right so you can reap the benefits. For residents and drivers in Santa Paula, CA that means calling Shade of Tint.

Keeping Beautiful Cars Beautiful

At Shade of Tint we offer a wide array of services designed to help maintain your car’s appearances both inside and out. We take care of all major beautification items such as:

  • Complete auto detailing
  • Window tinting
  • Chrome delete/black out
  • Bumper repairs
  • Car wraps

Our staff utilizes top quality products for all of our tinting and vinyl wrapping services including Clear Bra installation and removal as well.

Protecting Your Home Inside and Out

Santa Paula is known for beautifully designed, modern homes and at Shade of Tint we help you maintain and improve your home’s value. For commercial buildings and residences we offer complete window tinting services that help your building in numerous ways including:

  • Improved insulation
  • Reduced glares
  • Maintains cooler temperatures inside
  • Reduces electric bill each month
  • Protects interior valuables and furniture

Call or Visit Today

If you’re in Santa Paula or the surrounding areas call Shade of Tint today. For years we’ve helped homeowners and drivers alike protect their things with the highest quality of care and service so schedule an appointment today.