Better Paint Protection Than The Rest

Your car’s paint takes a beating on a daily basis. From the elements like rain and bright sunshine fading your paint to various road encounters with sand and gravel your car’s paint can look worse for wear extremely quick. While regular car washes and waxes will help to protect your paint, the experts at Shade of Tint have a more permanent solution that you can trust to withstand whatever the roads may throw at it: Clear Bra paint protection film.

How Clear Bra Car Protection Works

Clear Bra car protection is a nearly invisible paint protector made out of urethane. It’s designed to better protect your car from the weather and debris like sand, dirt and gravel and can make cleaning your car even easier.

Just some of the benefits of using a car protection film include:

  • Paint protection from scratches
  • Long-term protection for trouble areas
  • Can improve your car’s value if maintained

At Shade of Tint we only use high quality paint protection films for all of our car protection film installations. More durable than the competition these are a great way to give your car added protection for its’ paint.

Protect Your Paint Today

If you’re tired of spending too much money on car washes and want a better protection for your car’s paint then call Shade of Tint today. Our experts are here to answer any further questions you may have about Clear Bra car protection or to help you schedule an appointment.