Whether you’re looking to protect your car’s trim or you want to change the design and customize it more to your preferences a great way to get lasting results is chrome delete. Giving you multiple color and design options, quality chrome delete helps you black out your car and at Shade of Tint you’re guaranteed to get results that turn heads.

Blacking Out Your Car

Typically the two areas most impacted by car chrome delete are the front end and your windows but chrome delete can be used throughout the vehicle to give it a sleeker, modern look. While it does look striking it isn’t all about appearances as properly installed car black outs can offer multiple benefits including:

  • Durable protection for up to 3-years including scratch and chip resistance
  • Paint protection
  • Added resale value

So not only does your car look more to your liking but also you can trust that it will be long lasting and able to withstand even the bumpiest roads.

Using The Best Products

Car chrome delete is known for extended periods of durability and stays removable for up to 3 years meaning that you have plenty of time to change your mind or your style preferences. Our experts will make sure to install your chrome delete faster than the competition and smoothly the first time without the unsightly air bubbles that less experienced installers may encounter.

If you’re interested in car chrome delete and black out options for your car then call Shade of Tint today. We provide superior chrome delete for drivers all around the Simi Valley, Fillmore and Moorpark areas and are here to answer any questions you may have about car chrome delete for your vehicle so please call us today.