An Affordable Alternative To New Paint

Repainting your car is an endeavor that can cost thousands of dollars depending on the style and quality that you receive. One of the most popular alternatives to brand new paint jobs is in vehicle restyling wraps aka vinyl wraps. When properly installed these wraps are durable and highly customizable and cost just a fraction of what a brand new custom paint job does. Conejo Auto Detail & Window Tinting in Simi Valley offers drivers the widest selection of car wraps to choose from throughout the area and is committed to delivering quality results.

Benefits Of Using Auto Vinyl Wraps

While price is one big benefit to using car wraps over new paint jobs there are multiple benefits as well that you can enjoy when choosing a new wrap for your car. All of Shade of Tint’s auto vinyl wraps have benefits that include:

  • Protection for your car’s paint including from scratches, fading, swirl marks, corrosion and minor damages
  • Improved resale value for your car and better value than a custom paint job
  • Vehicle restyling wraps are faster to install than a new paint job and your car will be returned to you usually within a day

Drivers love the many customization options that car wraps give them and our experts are here to make sure that your car looks exactly like you imagined.

Advertising Opportunities

Even if auto vinyl wraps sounds new to you there are good chances you’ve seen them out on the roads before. They are an extremely popular method of advertising for large companies and independent startups alike. Designing and installing a custom car wrap for your car is a great way to turn your car into a portable billboard for your company.

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