You may not realize just how much your car bumper means to your vehicle but it is actually an important part of protecting important components under the hood. In the event of an accident damage to your bumper can lead to damages to important parts like your radiator and driving with a damaged bumper also makes it more likely that your car will sustain serious damages in the event of an accident. At Shade of Tint our expert technicians excel in
restoring and repairing your car bumper in the event of an accident so that it looks and functions as good as new.

Keeping You Safe And Your Car Complete

For awhile bumpers were only viewed as an accent for your car to complete its’ sleek design but the benefits of a sturdy, durable bumper cannot be ignored. Our experts in car bumper repair will ensure that your bumper is durable and can provide benefits like:

  • Headlight protection
  • Preventing unnecessary airbag deployment
  • Increased child safety
  • Grill/radiator protection

Whether we are repairing your damaged bumper or you need a new replacement bumper installed we always provide an honest quote first. This way you know the exact cost of services and don’t have to worry about being overcharged.

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We are the area’s leaders for auto bumper repair in the Simi Valley, Fillmore and Moorpark
areas. No matter what you drive, drive with the confidence of knowing that you and your car
are as safe as possible.